April 18, 2024
The trouble with the logic of the leftist crybabies is that it takes two sides to make a deal. And the other side is strengthened by the disloyalty and the stupidity of the Israeli left.

Media-amplified stunts of Israeli leftists delay Hamas defeat

At last the truth comes out. Only a tiny minority of the families of hostages still in Gaza, just twenty families out of more than a hundred, seize the headlines, amplified by Israel’s leftist media, with the absurd demand that all will be well if only Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu goes away.

Never mind that the fall of his government would lead to six months of chaos that would destroy national unity and set back all efforts to win the war and return the hostages.

Never mind that most families of hostages are against turning the issue into a political football.

Never mind that most hostages’ families oppose their grandstanding and childish behavior.

Never mind that most of the families of hundreds of soldiers who have paid the ultimate prices and those civilians murdered and raped on October 7 fiercely disagree.

No, it’s enough that 15% of the families of hostages set first and block traffic to grab the headlines and gaslight, with the help of the media, the Israeli public and the world.

Every poll shows that the overwhelming majority of Israelis want to topple Hamas and bring the terrorists to their knees, knowing only that will open the door to free the hostages.

But no, they cry like babies to release for a ceasefire NOW and release of the hostages NOW even though Hamas has made it crystal clear that Israel must stop fighting and withdraw unilaterally from the Gaza Strip before they will consider releasing any hostages.

That’s not going to happen. It would be insane for it to happen.

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