April 18, 2024
Have I mentioned how they’re evil? Can you imagine a way in which they could be even more evil? Let’s not allow them to try.

Not Sure Democrats Could Be Any More Evil

There is no bottom for Democrats to hit, so if you’ve been waiting for one of them to stand up and express outrage about anything related to any of the damaging policies they push, don’t hold your breath. Murdered Americans at the hands of illegal aliens? Yawn. Random women being punched in the face by thugs and goons on the streets of New York? Whatever. Are Americans unable to fill their gas tanks or afford groceries? Who cares? You morons don’t know how good you’ve got it anyway, ingrates.

That’s the attitude of Democrats, at least, and they mean it. They hate you. Seriously. Hate them back.

Not like you need more evidence or reason, but there was something that happened this week on MSNBC that was particularly illustrative of what’s wrong with Democrats. No, it wasn’t the firing of Ronna McDaniel, though that was bad enough. It was about the border.

We know Democrats don’t give a damn about the border, at least insofar as securing it goes. They love the border so much that they will do nothing to secure it at all, kind of like how they treat voting – the sanctity of it is so important that anything is done to ensure its integrity, no matter how commonsensical or obvious, must be banned. Their policy toward voting and the border makes zero sense, which means they’re not simply “wrong” by accident, they’re wrong by choice – because pushing the wrong thing helps them.

While not giving a damn about the border, MSNBC can’t ignore it. Even the most dedicated Rachel Maddow zombie knows people are flooding across it. So, the left needs to find a way to talk about something that outrages their base about something other than the dead bodies from illegal alien murders or drug overdoses. What did these sociopaths come up with? Abortion.

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