April 18, 2024
Although Veterans Affairs Canada didn’t respond to any of the Twitter comments, National Post has reached out to them for a comment.

Veterans Affairs Canada trolled for ‘politically correct’ Easter tweet: ‘Happy March holiday season’

‘Respectfully, this was beyond silly’

A seemingly celebratory Easter weekend tweet by Veterans Affairs Canada has sparked an unholy storm online.

“We want to wish Veterans, current members of the @CanadianForces and @rcmpgrcpolice and their families a happy March holiday season! ☀🌷  #CanadaRemembers,” the organization shared in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Good Friday afternoon.

Critics, and there were many online, noted the post skirted around mentioning the Easter Christian holiday celebrated around the world both culturally and religiously. Good Friday is also recognized as a Statutory Holiday by the Government of Canada. Good Friday is observed by Christians as the day Christ died on the crucifix and Easter Sunday is celebrated as the day he rose from the dead.

“What is a March holiday season?” questioned X user Sue Kelland-Dyer. “I think the holiday is Easter. I am not even Christian and I recognize it is Easter,” tweeted X user, Vance Yung.

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