April 18, 2024
Any changes to policing in Alberta should include a focus on reducing administrative work for officers to allow them to focus on what really matters — reducing crime.

Police reform and the division of labour in Alberta

A couple of weeks ago, the Alberta government reopened the discussion regarding a provincial police force with the introduction of Bill 11.

After maintaining radio silence on the topic for much of the past year, it has now taken a first concrete step toward reforming policing in the province. This is something the United Conservative Party government has been eyeing since 2020

Bill 11 paves the way for the creation of a new independent policing agency in the province to work alongside local police, which will allow for more local action and better meet the needs of communities.
Another way to better respond to communities’ needs is by having officers spend more of their time on the tasks that matter to the public and to officers themselves: active policing.Instead, officers today are practically drowning in administrative work.

When police respond to a call, a mountain of paperwork must be filed. Sometimes, several reports are needed for a single event. Some 40 per cent of officers’ time is spent on administration.

What this means is that close to half of the average shift is spent writing reports and completing other paperwork. This translates to more than six million hours per year across the province spent on tasks other than protecting the public and preventing crime.

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