April 18, 2024
It is unclear whether Arab allies will actually be willing to participate in the peacekeeping scheme, given that they have repeatedly asserted that they will not take part in the management of Gaza after the war unless it is part of a broader initiative that includes the establishment of a pathway to a future Palestinian state — something the current government firmly rejects.

Israel said advancing plan for Arab peacekeepers to secure Gaza aid deliveries

Reports say proposed force to be staffed by troops from 3 unnamed Arab countries at peace with Israel, would be charged with protecting aid convoys from pillaging

Israel is pushing for the establishment of an international peacekeeping force to secure the Gaza Strip and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid in it, multiple Hebrew media outlets reported Friday evening, indicating a likely coordinated leak.

The reports all said Defense Minister Yoav Gallant had informed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he had made headway on the matter during his visit to Washington this week.

The force would be composed of troops from three different unnamed Arab countries — though not Saudi Arabia or Qatar, the latter being a longtime patron of Hamas that is one of the mediators in hostage-for-truce talks. Some reports intimated that Egypt and the UAE were two of the countries, and that the third also has a peace treaty with Israel. The force would be managed by the US, but with no American forces on the ground.

The idea is backed by the United States, the reports said. The force would likely be armed to uphold law and order and would work with Gazans who don’t have links to Hamas, ostensibly figures linked to the Palestinian Authority. US support, however, is contingent on Israel beginning to implement a post-war plan for the rehabilitation of Gaza, such as Gallant’s “day after” plan, which he presented three months ago, the reports said.

That plan, which has not received backing from the coalition, calls for Israel to maintain full military control of Gaza for now but to have no civilian presence there, and for civilian matters in the Strip to be administered by Palestinians who are not hostile to Israel. Furthermore, the plan calls for stabilizing the Strip after the war with assistance from a multi-national force.

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March 30, 2024 10:56 am

Hope springs eternal…

Now that their ancient foes, the Persians, and to some extent the Turks, are encroaching upon the Arabs, Israel is a natural ally of the Arab states and the progress towards a reconciliation between them will be resumed when the Hamas terrorist apparatus has been disposed of by the Israeli Defense Forces in another couple of months. A two-state solution might then be possible, and the world will be a better place.


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