April 18, 2024
This is what’s irreversibly off with the Trudeau government. Justin Trudeau counts as friends many of the world’s elite. But he has no personal experience with the hard-working people who fund his government. And you can’t fix that.

Trudeau spending our money on worthless vanity projects

I owe my old friend Kamil a debt he knows nothing about.

Kamil was a truck driver. In fact, he was a darned good one. He immigrated from Eastern Europe, married a lovely lady from Newfoundland and started a family in Mississauga.

Kamil and his wife worked hard, she in a grocery store and he driving a truck. They were determined to give their children a good start in life and, by dint of sheer will, they did.

When I arrived at Queen’s Park, I didn’t know much about politics or government. But I knew Kamil.

For years, every time I was briefed on a proposed initiative or policy, I would ask how it would affect Kamil’s family. My staff started to call it the Kamil file.

I didn’t, of course, assume that every initiative would directly affect one family. But it was a great reminder that I wasn’t spending government money. I was spending money hard-working people paid in taxes. Money that otherwise might be invested in helping their kids get a good start.

My task was to ensure we spent tax dollars wisely. The Kamil file ensured I felt the weight of that obligation every day.

I was thinking about the Kamil file this week when I read about some recent “investments” announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In a moment of largesse, he announced $30 million to strengthen democracies.

The announcement came via a video appearance of Trudeau at the annual Summit for Democracy in South Korea.

If that sounds a little suspect, just wait for the details. As part of the package, Trudeau said: “Today I’m announcing that Canada is investing $8.4 million on research across the global south to better understand how climate change interacts with democratic decline.”

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