April 18, 2024
Biden has been captured by his left flank. He has been told he must pander to the most radical members of his coalition, getting them out to vote, rather than reaching out to political moderates and independents. That’s idiocy.

Biden pandering to voters with delusional Middle East approach

This week, the Biden administration took the first step toward what appears to be an inevitable break with Israel in Israel’s war to extirpate the terrorist group Hamas from the Gaza Strip.

Since Hamas’ vicious terror assault on Israel on Oct. 7 — an attack that killed at least 1,200 Israelis and left 250 Israeli hostages in Hamas’ hands — Israel has taken extraordinary measures to protect civilian life in Gaza while destroying Hamas’ military capacity. In the process, Israel has lost nearly 300 of its soldiers, with thousands wounded.

Despite total air superiority, Israel’s care on the ground has meant a successful terrorist-to-civilian kill ratio unprecedented in the history of modern warfare.

Nonetheless, the Biden administration has been champing at the bit to hamstring Israel in its efforts to defend itself. In the last two weeks, the White House has activated Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to call for the ouster of the sitting Israeli government; deployed Vice-President Kamala Harris to publicly warn Israel about the dangers of a military operation in the last Hamas stronghold, Rafah; and abstained from a United Nations Security Council resolution separating calls for a ceasefire from calls for a hostage release.

None of this makes sense if the United States wishes Israel to finish off Hamas.

It all makes perfect sense if the Biden administration is seeking to placate its far-left wing, particularly the pro-Hamas voters in Dearborn, Michigan. Biden is currently losing Michigan handily to Republican nominee Donald Trump. If he loses Michigan, he almost certainly loses the election. And Biden believes he cannot win if he does not outperform among the state’s approximately 200,000 Muslim-American voters.

According to polling data, 49% of Muslim Americans believe Hamas’ rationale for the Oct. 7 terror attack was valid; 21% of Muslim Americans approve of the Oct. 7 attacks themselves.

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