April 18, 2024
Rather than offer Americans a positive vision, Biden and the Democrats plan this through Nov. 5: Terrify voters, recycle anti-Trump lies, invent new ones, and yell, “Abortion!” Rinse, repeat. Whatever happened to Hope and Change?

Biden’s Path to Reelection Is Paved with Lies

In three words, here is Joe Biden’s re-election strategy:

Lie, lie, lie.

Biden and his Democratic Party allies are not conducting a normal re-election campaign based on a brighter tomorrow.

Concerning their job performance today, their approach is: The less said, the better.

Instead, Biden Democrats present a non-stop parade of lies about Donald J. Trump.

These include outright fabrications about his record and pitch-black premonitions of a “Trump dictatorship” totally unlike his first term.

On March 19 in Reno, Nevada Biden parroted the old lie that Trump refused to visit France’s Aisne-Marne American Cemetery because its fallen World War I soldiers were “losers and suckers.”


Jeffrey Goldberg wrote this “story” for The Atlantic just before Labor Day 2020.

His proof: Four anonymous “sources.”

In contrast, I subsequently wrote five articles dismantling this vulgar smear.

I named and quoted 16 members of Trump’s Parisian entourage who refuted Goldberg’s claims, including John Bolton, then Trump’s national security adviser and now an outspoken Trump critic.

These eyewitnesses verified that Trump’s security personnel scotched the Nov. 10, 2018 visit due to rain, low clouds too dangerous for helicopters, and logistical headaches precluding motorcade travel.

A military aide’s contemporaneous e-mail and a local weather report exculpated Trump.

His delayed departure the next day, to visit Suresnes American Cemetery near Paris, also obliterated Goldberg’s “losers and suckers” concoction.

Sources: Murdock 16, Goldberg 4.

Regardless, Biden waved Goldberg’s discredited myth around like a dusty skeleton. He likely will do so again, because Joe Biden lies like most people breathe.

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