April 18, 2024

Ford government to pay for highway, commits millions ‘in big win’ for city of Ottawa

In the wake of electoral setbacks in the nation’s capital, Ford on Thursday announced $543 million to help the city

Having suffered capital punishment at the hands of voters, Premier Doug Ford has signed a “new deal” with the city of Ottawa.

In the wake of electoral setbacks in the nation’s capital, Ford on Thursday announced $543 million to help the city.

“This historic new deal reflects our government’s dedication to the economic success of Ottawa and all of Eastern Ontario,” the premier said in Ottawa, noting the city still needs more federal help “funding infrastructure and supporting shelters and asylum claimants.”

Ford’s move comes after his accord last fall with Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow that saw the province upload the Gardiner Expressway and the Don Valley Parkway from the city.

Thursday’s agreement is worth up to $197 million over three years in operating supports and up to $346 million over 10 years in capital spending.

It includes a phased uploading to the province of the 27-kilometre Ottawa Road 174, formerly known as Highway 17, which was downloaded to the municipality by former Progressive Conservative premier Mike Harris in the late 1990s.

As well, provincial cash will help fund a new Ottawa police neighbourhood operations centre in the ByWard Market, which has seen an increase in crime since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe praised the province for stepping up.

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Jack’s Note: If Bonnie ever gets her act together Doug Ford is going to end up doing a great impression of a road killed skunk. He’s just begging for it.  All she has to do is steal his conservative bonafides right out from under him because the simple truth is Doug Ford is no conservative.  The only difference between him and Kathleen Wynne is that he has a penis (maybe).  Otherwise ‘same, same’.


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