April 18, 2024
Reducing our emissions will give us the moral high ground in urging major emitters like China to do the same, but the idea that anything Canada does alone through Trudeau’s carbon tax is going to mean fewer wildfires, floods and storms in Canada, is absurd.

How the Liberals blew their credibility on the carbon tax

Once a government loses its credibility on an issue, it’s hard to recover it.

That’s what has happened to the Trudeau Liberals on their carbon tax.

Their loss of credibility began when they claimed they had come up with a tax that, because of rebates, would leave 80% of Canadian households paying it better off, which never passed the smell test.

That’s because what they didn’t say is that this was only the fiscal impact of the carbon tax — dollars in, dollars out — not its negative impact on the Canadian economy.

That only happened when independent, non-partisan Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux examined the Trudeau carbon tax.

He said the government was right to say 80% of households end up better off when only the fiscal impact of the carbon tax is considered.

But when you factor in its negative impact on the economy, Giroux estimated 60% of households paying the federal carbon tax are already worse off today, rising to 80% in Nova Scotia in 2025, in Ontario in 2026, in Manitoba in 2029 and in Alberta and P.E.I. in 2030.

Giroux reported that the carbon tax would lower Canada’s GDP and reduce business investment and labour income for skilled and unskilled workers. He also noted the government doesn’t remit the GST paid on top of the carbon tax back to those paying it.

Ever since, the Liberals and their supporters, frantic to discredit Giroux, have been throwing up red herrings and irrelevant arguments, not to discredit his analysis of the fiscal impact of their carbon tax — because Giroux agrees with the Trudeau Liberals on that — but his added analysis of its economic impact.

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March 30, 2024 4:34 pm

The Trudeau government is much more than the worst ever, it is the most dangerous ever. Maximum emphasis humanly possible on DANGEROUS!

The northern border is on track to see the most crossings in its history More than 4,000 migrants have been arrested in the Swanton sector alone So far, 103 people on the terrorist watchlist have been arrested this yearIn just the first 3 months of this year 103 foreigners on the terrorist watchlist were apprehended crossing into the USA from Canada. That means that these103 likely dangerous terrorists managed to get into Canada undetected! How many were got aways? How many are still here with no intention of leaving? Nobody knows! How many more are on the way? Canadians had better wake up and start demanding government do its job. If its not too late already after 8+ years of the Trudeau welcome sign being hung out. We are already defenseless now. Our police forces are underequipped, untrained, undermanned and thus unprepared for literally anything out of the normal that might befall us all. Our military is now just a defanged, broken down cash starved social experiment. Intentional defunding and now DEI and other idiotic woke progressive policies have successfully driven recruitment into the toilet. Fewer and fewer common sense young Canadian men or women want any part of this self defeating destructive nonsense.

Unless you’re entering our country legally the only place you’ll experience of our border is imaginary. Proof? How about 103 prfoofs? To the federal government, CBSA, RCMP, the uninformative useless media where are you? A genuine border crisis situation that Canadians should find alarming to the NTH degree.


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