April 18, 2024
A fatal problem with the professional Never Trumpers is that they’re boring. They have nothing fresh to say. Trump bad. Trump threat to democracy. Trump caused my inability to please my wife.

Hard Times for the Professional Never Trump Losers

These are hard times for the professional Never Trumpers. Donald Trump is winning this election, they’re not getting the attention they used to, and inflation has made pool boy rates simply outrageous. Those poll numbers showing Trump leading across the country have to be understood as a total repudiation of these jerks, because they are. There are a lot of reasons to want to see Trump win, but in the Top Five is seeing these goofs cry.

Now, the professional Never Trumpers are not the same as the Republicans and conservatives who just don’t want to vote for Donald Trump. There’s a difference between people who conclude that they don’t want to support Donald Trump and people for whom it’s not only a lifestyle but a job. There are also a lot of people who still have hard feelings over the primary campaign because it was somewhat acrimonious – though historically, it was more like a pillow fight than an apocalypse in the Octagon. I liked Ron DeSantis and still like Ron DeSantis, but I was always going to support the nominee our voters chose. As someone who was taken more grief from the weirdos, losers, and mutations on the fringe of Trump World than any of the people currently citing that motley collection of meme-making, psycho halfwits as the reason not to vote for DJT, I got over it. I’m supporting Donald Trump – proudly and without reservation. And they should support Donald Trump, too, because defeating Joe Biden is the most important thing we can do to save our country.

But the professional Donald Trump haters? They never will, and I don’t want their support besides. Do you want Liz Cheney on your side? Wyoming doesn’t even want her, which is the one policy they agreed on with the Virginia Cowgirl. She was always a Beltway creature. I saw a Harry Potter movie once, and it had an unattractive, officious, fascist lady in it who tormented the little kid wizards, and I don’t remember her name, but that’s Liz Cheney. She’s like the EPA guy in “Ghostbusters” without the charm.

Look at Mike Pence – please, he’s desperate for someone to look at him. I thought Mike Pence was a good vice president. He’s been a terrible ex-vice president. He actually did the right thing on January 6 and refused to engage in the election nonsense that some people were trying to push him towards. Frankly, if Donald Trump had listened to him, the president would be in a much better place right now. But in the years since leaving office, Pence has fallen victim to this obnoxious tendency of some people to confuse merely doing the right thing with taking a heroic moral stand that they can keep milking again and again and again. Mike Pence simply did his job. He shouldn’t get a medal for that. He also shouldn’t get a platform as some leading voice of the Republican Party. He’s not, unless you can string a telephone line back to 2004. And if you did and called, Nikki Haley would probably answer.

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