April 18, 2024
Trump’s attorneys should invoke the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and justifiably accuse James of discriminating against him on the basis of sex and race.

Trump Should Sue Letitia James for Sex and Race Discrimination

He must demand justice under America’s keystone civil-rights law

Stand up to an administration which is too male, too pale, and too stale,” candidate Letitia James told supporters in 2018 when she ran for New York state attorney general. “Too male, too pale, too stale!” she chanted as the crowd roared. “Too male, too pale, too stale!”

Imagine if a white Republican man were on the stump: “Stand up to an administration that is too fem, too tan, and too woke,” he might say, perhaps while running against James — a woman, black, and far-left Democrat.

That speech would doom his campaign as it vanished beneath an avalanche of headlines and X posts calling him sexist and racist. He probably would apologize and then crawl into a snow drift until the spring thaw.

But James’ sexist, racist remarks — shouted into a microphone, not whispered into a martini glass — caused her no political damage. Indeed, she was elected attorney general of the Empire State.

James’ anti-white bigotry detonates a core tenet of critical race theory, namely, that blacks are incapable of racism because they lack power over omnipotent whites. This self-enfeebling argument collapses in the face of James’ enormous police power, vast government resources, and ability to impoverish and imprison people she hates, not least a former president of the United States.

James labors mightily to “get Trump,” which she promised to do, in a preemptive injustice that should get her disbarred. James’ political biases are on full display as she licks her chops and lusts after the real estate and financial holdings of Donald J. Trump. These could fall into her hands if Trump cannot post a $175 million bond by April 4. (An appeals court discounted that figure 61.4 percent on Monday from an initial $454 million.)

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