June 13, 2024
The MeToo Revolution Eats Its Own
The resignations pile up, from Al Franken to Katie Hill.
The resignations pile up, from Al Franken to Katie Hill.

The marriage between feminism and the sexual revolution has been akin to a prude marrying a playboy. Its offspring were bound to be screwed up. One of its dysfunctional children is the MeToo movement, which continues to devour its friends, from Sen. Al Franken to Rep. Katie Hill.

The MeToo movement handed the hapless Franken the unpaid bill of Bill Clinton for little more than stolen kisses, and Franken, so turned around by the new rules of feminism, paid it in the form of political oblivion. Franken was also undone by his own pandering to women: he couldn’t square his therapeutic, I-stand-ready-to-listen-to-women babbling with continued senatorial service. He now looks back at that pandering with regret.

Katie Hill is suffering the fate of a feminist who could handle feminism’s rhetoric but not its arbitrary rigor. The same feminism that tells women they can “do whatever they want with their bodies” didn’t like what Katie Hill was doing with hers, as she cavorted with female and male staffers. The new rules of feminism, which include prohibitions on office sex, require a level of discipline Katie Hill’s let’s-try-everything, sexually omnivorous generation is incapable of upholding. To the Katie Hills, today’s feminism is a cruel paradox, espousing the moral philosophy of lechers while turning rule-making and ethics inquiries over to prudes.

For decades the Left’s whole moral education has consisted of teaching virtue-signaling without virtue. But now suddenly the rules governing professional bodies grow ever more strict, thus hoisting liberalism’s pupils by its own petard. That’s why we have seen the rise of the male beta harasser, from Charlie Rose to Matt Lauer. Liberalism had trained them to respect, not women, but feminism — a distinction that their unbridled libidos exposed.