April 18, 2024
Instead of the usual suspects, the people in Onslow County, North Carolina decided to roll the dice on a 21-year-old instead of having “the usual.” Gable may have his work cut out for him, but being 21, and idealistic, he has the rare advantage of actually giving a damn.

21-Year-Old Ousts GOP Incumbent in North Carolina

Now that the experiment in foregone conclusions (also known as the 2024 Primary Season) is over, congratulations are in order. While all eyes, ears, browsers, and cameras focused on the Trump/Haley grudge match, plenty of the undercard bouts went ignored. During one such race, a college student came out of the woodwork to successfully challenge a GOP incumbent for a North Carolina House seat.

According to his campaign website, Wyatt Gable is a junior at East Carolina University, where he studies Business Management and Political Science. He is also the president of the school’s chapter of Turning Point USA. During his tenure, he fought against an effort by the school to convert all of the campus bathrooms to “all gender.” He was inspired to run in the wake of COVID-19, a time during which he saw governments “stripping away individual rights with no one stopping them.”

Gable is pro-Second Amendment. He wants to prioritize physical fitness in schools and bring back classes on home economics and personal finances while teaching students that they have the privilege of living in the United States. He is calling for an overhaul of the VA healthcare system. He is also not afraid to call out Democrats when it comes to finances:

The large impact on the economy caused by Democrats spanning across the past few years has been extremely concerning. When Wyatt Gable is elected, he will work tirelessly to cut the tax burden on you and your family. He believes that we should no longer allow the Department of Transportation to bleed our state dry of taxpayer dollars by quoting jobs and coming in way over budget and overtime on every project. Wyatt also plans to work towards providing our servicemen and women with tax breaks and access to tangible resources when in need to show our appreciation for their service.

At 21, Gable’s message resonated with his district’s Republicans. According to Campus Reform, he defeated 84-year-old ten-term incumbent George Cleveland for the GOP nomination for the state house. He goes up against Democrat Camen Spicer in November. Gable told Campus Reform that he wants to win by the biggest margin of victory his seat has ever seen and plans on being proactive, not reactive, as well as “being there” for the people of his district and state.

And who knows? He just might pull it off.

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