July 13, 2024
Once again, the left isn’t worried about the death of a young coed, nor is it concerned about the safety of the campus of one of America’s oldest public universities. Instead, it’s most concerned about a narrative that cements its grip on power. The left will deflect blame and change the subject whenever it meets challenges.

A Tale of Reactions to the Murder of Laken Riley

It’s been a week since Augusta University nursing student Laken Riley went for a run on the campus of the University of Georgia and turned up dead. The suspect in custody for her murder entered this country illegally, which adds a politically charged wrinkle to a heartbreaking case.

Riley’s killing has become a national issue, but it has also sparked plenty of reaction here in Georgia. The reactions fall into two categories, which I’ll call the far left and everybody else.

Let’s start with everybody outside the far left. The outrage over Riley’s murder is something that I’ve seen transcend political boundaries. Members of the Georgia congressional delegation, Democrats and Republicans, gave a heartfelt tribute to Riley on the floor of the House of Representatives this week.


Of course, Gov. Brian Kemp (R-Ga.) has been outspoken about Riley’s murder and the influx of illegal immigration that led to her senseless death. He wrote a letter to the Biden administration requesting information about the open border, and he has appeared on Fox News to speak out. He also spent time with business leaders in Athens, home of the University of Georgia and his hometown, discussing public safety.

A pair of Republicans in the Georgia Senate (including my senator) have introduced legislation that would toughen penalties for illegal immigrants who commit crimes in the Peach State. The press release states:

The first proposal is a resolution amending the Constitution of Georgia, which would empower the Georgia General Assembly to either outlaw parole for undocumented immigrants or establish specific parole terms and conditions for those who fall into this category. The second initiative is a bill delineating the criteria for bail hearings concerning undocumented immigrants, as well as individuals charged with a felony punishable by imprisonment for one year or more and deemed removable or dismissible aliens.

Insurance Commissioner John King has applauded the legislative effort. “As a former police chief, Army officer, and Georgia’s first Hispanic statewide constitutional officer, I deeply value law and order,” he said in the press release. “The proposed measures introduce strict bail conditions and revise parole rules, which demonstrates Georgia’s dedication to these values, addresses federal immigration policy flaws, and enhances the safety and welfare of all Georgians.”

On the campus of the University of Georgia, thousands of students, faculty, and local residents from all walks of life turned out for a vigil honoring Riley and another student who was found dead in his dorm the day before Riley’s murder. The vigil moved UGA President Jere Morehead to express his gratitude.

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