June 13, 2024
No celebration for the mothers of the missing, who are marching in 23 cities
Eighth annual National Dignity March is for 40,000 moms of missing children.
Eighth annual National Dignity March is for 40,000 moms of missing children.

It’s Mother’s Day in Mexico but 40,000 moms whose sons and daughters are missing have nothing to celebrate.

Thousands of mothers of the missing will march in at least 23 cities today to draw attention to their ongoing struggle to locate their children in a country where rates of violence remain stubbornly high, thousands of unidentified bodies lie in morgues and hidden graves are regularly discovered.

It will be the eighth consecutive year that mothers and other family members of missing persons take to the streets to demand that authorities increase their efforts to find their loved ones.

In Mexico City, the National Dignity March will begin at the Monument to the Mother and conclude at the Angel of Independence, located on the capital’s emblematic Paseo de la Reforma boulevard. Simultaneous marches are planned for 22 other Mexican cities.

Among the participants in the Mexico City march will be members of a collective from Coahuila known as United Forces for our Missing.



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May 12, 2019 6:53 pm

On Mother’s Day no less. If these poor abused children actually manage to survive the twisted obscene progressive life style their parents are forcing on them to adulthood (without committing suicide) they will hate their parents for the rest of their lives. This is child abuse. Bad enough the protecting father has abdicated his responsibilities where is the protecting Mother?

A British judge has given his approval to the foster parents of a transgender child who “transitioned” to their new gender at just three-years-old.

The two parents, named only as TP and CP, already had a seven-year-old biological child who had changed their gender from boy to girl just months earlier.

The parents said they had supported their seven-year-old child’s transition, going as far as to change their legal status to that of a girl, including ordering a new passport matching the child’s new identity.


May 12, 2019 8:24 am

There is no doubt that the very worst fear of any parent would be the loss of their child. As a parent myself I cannot fathom the agony these mother’s are living with every day and will for the rest of their lives if they are not reunited with their child. Personally, I honestly believe that I could never be happy again were I to experience that worst nightmare.

But on a happier note today is a day to recognize, to honour. My Mum has passed (as has my Dad) and today especially (with tissue in hand) I remember her. So should (hopefully) we all remember our Moms. Pay attention if you are out and about today and pass by a cemetery. The people in those streams of cars you see filing onto the grounds will be children going to visit their Mom’s to say thanks. Lucky are the ones who can still do so in person or at least by telephone. You are envied more than you can imagine…but you will once you join us. Mum’s are something else. Something special. They really are.

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