July 13, 2024
Elections have consequences and by repeatedly electing the Trudeau Liberals, the rights of convicts and prisoners have been raised above those of victims and society at large.

Trudeau Liberal’s policy led to Luka Magnotta’s transfer to medium security

The killer’s move going to a medium-security prison is all due to a bill the Liberals passed in 2019

The transfer of Luka Magnotta to a medium-security prison, just like serial killer Paul Bernardo, is all part of Justin Trudeau’s soft on crime policies.

Thanks to reporting by the Toronto Sun’s Michel Mandel, we can now confirm Magnotta’s transfer from the Port Cartier maximum-security prison to the medium-security La Macaza facility was authorized on Aug. 9, 2022. That’s nine months before Bernardo’s transfer to that same Quebec prison was authorized

In all likelihood, there are more high-profile murderers and dangerous offenders now in medium-security prisons than we know about.

Last summer, after news of Bernardo’s transfer broke, there were recurring rumours that serial killer and rapist Russell Williams had been transferred to a medium-security facility, likely La Macaza, around the same time as Bernardo.

While most with knowledge of the situation didn’t want to speak, one victim did confirm that she understood Williams had been moved. She then quickly said she didn’t want to talk about it, it was too painful, and that she didn’t want to be part of any story.

The story though is that putting people like Luka Magnotta, Paul Bernardo or Russell Williams into medium or even minimum-security jails is policy for the Trudeau Liberals.

Bill C-83, introduced by former Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale in October 2018 and passed into law in June 2019, requires prisoners to be held in the least restrictive conditions.

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