July 20, 2024
It’s not the fault of the Court that Jack Smith brought a convoluted, legally novel case against Trump that was inevitably going to raise fresh questions of law. Or that he had unrealistic expectations of jamming it through the system without anyone pausing to consider the fraught, consequential, underlying legal matters.

The Left’s Bonkers Attack on the Supreme Court

The tinfoil hats are out again.

The fix is in.

That’s the belief of all conspiracy theorists, and the Left instantly went there upon the news that the Supreme Court will hear Donald Trump’s immunity claim in Jack Smith’s January 6 case.

On MSNBC, Chris Hayes alleged, earnestly and unabashedly, that an obvious conspiracy with Trump is at work: “Today, the Supreme Court signaled that it is in cahoots. The plot is on. It is a go.”

His colleague Rachel Maddow said much the same thing, upbraiding the Court for taking up the case “to help your political friend, your partisan patron.”

Former Obama-ite Dan Pfeiffer sees the same dynamic at play: “The MAGA justices thanked Trump by giving him a massive, possibly campaign-altering gift.”

This take on the Court’s action is confirmation, yet again, that conspiracism is a phenomenon on both the right and the left. It has become more prominent on the right because Trump has done so much to encourage it. But the Left is shot through, too, with feverish and irrational thinking, and among people with high-profile platforms.

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