July 20, 2024
Step up to the plate, boys and girls of tradition and competence, and take your best shot. And watch out for the snakes. Seriously.

The awe-inspiring conservative counter-offensive against woke nonsense

From Pierre Poilievre to Danielle Smith, Canadian conservatives are finally pushing back against the snakes

I have worked with people of many political stripes now in many different countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, the U.K., the U.S. and Canada. This has provided me with the luxury of accurate comparative judgement and comparison.

Something is brewing in Canada — something of deeper than mere national significance. It’s a veritable sign of the times. Just as our nation was and so unfortunately on the cutting edge of the moralizing woke globalist eco-utopian nonsense promulgated oh-so-charismatically by the beautiful Justin Trudeau, so are we leading the charge of counter-offensive.

To put it succinctly: Canadian conservatives are growing a spine. Or a pair. Pick your metaphor.

When I first started speaking with the leaders of the conservative movement in Canada — something that happened in earnest about eight years ago, when I rose to some degree of political notoriety — I was struck by the degree to which the progressive mob had managed its task of radical demoralization. Conservatives, who tend to be conscientious, orderly, dutiful and industrious by temperament are also in consequence of that proclivity easily led to feel guilty. The woke narcissists who on the other hand make up the progressive left are characterized by an absolute lack of such conscience, but are expert at exploiting its presence in others.

What are the allegations typically levelled at conservatives — and even, increasingly, at classical liberals? “You’re racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, ageist, ableist, privileged, colonialist, exploitative.” For the bloody-minded left, life is a search for victimizer, to serve as target, and victim, to “identify with” — and for almost entirely self-serving purposes. And God help you if you are placed in the former category (are you listening, my Jewish friends?).

It’s a constant refrain, and the borders and rules shift constantly, because the point isn’t to improve the life of the so-called marginalized, but to gain the upper hand morally with no effort or sacrifice. And, if the lives of others can be ruined by unjustified and all-too-often anonymous or mob-inspired denunciation, so much the better. So say the bitter, as they forever have.

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