July 20, 2024
The Crown NEVER had a case, at all, and at best what they did have was a fantasy concocted at the last minute under direct orders from Ottawa.

Canadian Shield of Silence

Corruption, Cowardice, Complicity, Canada

Wednesday, February 14, 2024, marked 2 years since Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act (also referred to as the EMA, or Emergency Measures Act) in Canada, which gave the powers of near Martial Law to the Federal Government in its efforts to ‘deal’ with the largest peaceful protest in Canadian history.

Readers of this Substack and many people paying attention know most of the rough details about The Freedom Convoy, and how this expression of popular revolt against 2 years of insane Covid policies and Medical Apartheid that completely ruptured Canadian society, had captured the imaginations of millions in Canada and around the world. Most of you will also be aware of the situation with the Coutts Four men arrested at that time, and if you don’t, I recommend having a look through the back catalog of this Substack.

Two years later, and actions that happened downstream of this fateful declaration are still being litigated, and many people’s lives continue to hang in the balance.

On Tuesday, February 6, in a courtroom in Lethbridge, Alberta, news came that two of the Coutts 4 men, Jerry Morin and Chris Lysak, had signed plea deals and were released from jail almost immediately.

The details of this plea deal are quite an indictment of the case against these men, as all of the original charges against them were dropped, and the pleas which got them out were for different and much lessor charges.

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