July 13, 2024
Poilievre’s letter highlighted egregious mishandling and potential corruption in the app’s development, which ballooned from a budget of $80,000 to nearly $60 million — 750 times over budget.

RCMP launches probe into ArriveCan following Conservative outcry

The RCMP has confirmed it is investigating the controversial ArriveCan app.

While speaking during a meeting of the committee on access to information, privacy, and ethics, Conservative MP Michael Barrett questioned two officials of the RCMP.

Staff Sergeant Fréderic Pincince told Barrett that the RCMP was reviewing the Auditor General’s report and would take action as required.

Despite the two officers’ reluctance to comment on an ongoing investigation, the RCMP’s Commissioner, Michael Duheme, confirmed during the meeting that the RCMP had an ongoing investigation into the ArriveCan scandal.

This comes after the Conservative Party has advocated for an investigation to be opened.

“Therefore be it resolved that common sense Conservatives call for a complete and thorough investigation to understand how millions were wasted, hold the guilty parties responsible, and scrap this disastrous app once and for all,” wrote the party.

Following the commissioner’s confirmation of the investigation during the committee meeting, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre shared a letter that he received from Duheme.

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March 1, 2024 8:58 am

Arrivescam is about money and incompetence. Likely greed and corruption. But it’s child’s play compared to this. Trudeau’s government deserves to fall for this. If it doesn’t, blame the NDP.

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau tried to hide massive security failure at Winnipeg biolab


March 1, 2024 4:57 pm
Reply to  BTDT

What is a Vote of No Confidence?
confidence motion asks all members of parliament to vote on whether or not they have confidence in the incumbent Prime Minister and their party.
If the Prime Minister wins a majority of the votes in the confidence motion, he or she continues to govern. If he or she loses the vote (which is called a vote of no confidence) the Prime Minister must resign, forcing the governing party out of power.

24th Canadian PM Pierre Poilievre… immediately bring a non-confidence motion specifically referring to Trudeau. Put the bullseye on Trudeau while in the same motion put the crosshairs square on Singh (and the NDP). A political daily double. A twofer.

Nothing too lose. Only Canada to gain, regardless. Do it!

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