July 20, 2024
All this is just to offer a glimpse of the delightfully dystopian opportunities that could open up with a Trudeau-appointed online safety commission keeping an eye on the way Canadians talk about the affairs of the world. If you want to trust the Trudeau Liberals to get this one right, it’s up to you.

Under hate speech bill, wouldn’t Trudeau be guilty of vilifying Catholics?

Who would trust a digital safety commission appointed by this government?

It’s a cunning move. You have to grant the Trudeau government that much. After years of muddling through consultations and revisions and dogs’ breakfasts, the online harms act was tabled in the House of Commons this week, casting a wide net in an effort to regulate social media platforms, live-streaming services and user-uploaded “adult” content. It also creates a stand-alone hate crimes law, all in one go.

The measures outlined in Bill C-63 that pertain to the duties of social media platforms to protect children from pornography and from threats and intimidation are both immediately necessary and long overdue. In just the latest case to come to public attention, a 14-year-old boy from Metro Vancouver committed suicide after being tricked into sending explicit photographs of himself to a man in Nigeria, who is now facing criminal charges of extortion.

But the Trudeau government is kicking at an open door with these Bill C-63’s child-protection measures. The social-media platforms X (Twitter), TikTok, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Snap Inc. and Discord, rocked by child-exploitation scandals, are already devoting billions of dollars to various “trust and safety” remedies. Last month, the top executives of these corporations were raked over the coals at Senate Judiciary Committee hearings in Washington, D.C. for not trying hard enough. Republican Senator Lindsay Graham accused them all of having blood on their hands. Addressing Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg specifically, Graham said: “You have a product that’s killing people.”

Meta is already being sued by several school districts and state governments in cases involving child safety, youth mental health and privacy. Last month, in a lawsuit filed by New Mexico’s attorney-general over Meta’s alleged facilitation of child sexual exploitation, Zuckerberg was named as a defendant.

So the Liberals are jumping on a moving train in child safety matters. The walls are closing in on the predators. This is all to the good.

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