July 13, 2024
What have the Liberals done to attempt to regain our trust and support?

Sun setting on imploding federal Liberals

Whenever the next federal election rolls around, it is looking to be a tough one for Liberal candidates.

I feel secure saying the party overall will elect more MPs than will Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada, but that is the only given.

There are likely to be people who have given up on the Liberals but will never vote Conservative, so the Liberals beating the Green Party is a strong bet, but not a lock.

Want a shocking statistic to back what I am saying?

Abacus Data writes that as of Feb. 25, “it’s been 644 straight days that the Conservatives have led the Liberals in Abacus Data polling.”

Importantly, it isn’t just that the lead for the Conservatives has been long — it is wide as well.

“If an election were held today, 41% of committed voters would vote Conservatives, with the Liberals at 24%, the NDP at 19% and the Greens at 5%. The BQ is at 35% in Quebec,” Abacus reports.

Similarly, Nanos research shows the Conservatives at 41% and Liberals at 24%.

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