July 20, 2024

IDF had concrete intel of imminent invasion and did nothing

Army intel was notified that hundreds if not thousands of Hamas terrorists switched to Israeli SIM cards at midnight on October 7

Multiple media resources report what has been kept under strict censorship till now. IDF army intelligence was notified that the Gazan cellular SIM cards had been suddenly replaced with Israeli SIM cards, a clear indication along with all the other reports, that a surprise invasion was planned.

And yet, according to reports, nothing was done and the political leadership was not notified.

This latest evidence contributes to the existence of anti-democratic forces in the IDF, intelligence, and security services that intentionally did nothing despite clear evidence of abnormal terrorist activity. In no case, it appears, the political echelon was notified. All of this darkly suggests that there was a conspiracy within the IDF and other agencies to allow a lapse that would ruin forever Benjamin Netanyahu’s reputation as Mr. Security.

In recent days, an extremely well-funded ad campaign sought to blame all on Bibi, because he was the head. But it seems to be backfiring as Netanyahu oversees the military and diplomatic campaigns with inimitable clarity and courage.

Unraveling October 7: Accountability Beyond Political Blame

The aftermath of the October 7 catastrophe has unfurled a narrative steeped in blame and political finger-pointing, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at its center. However, a closer examination reveals a more complex and disconcerting reality. It has become increasingly evident that the true failure lies not with Netanyahu personally but with a breakdown in communication and perhaps intentional obfuscation by elements within the military intelligence, the internal security agency, and possibly the Air Force. This disturbing scenario suggests a deliberate attempt to undermine the political echelon, using a horrific national tragedy as leverage in the broader context of protest against judicial reform and replacement of a democratically elected government not to the liking of the insurrectionists.

The notion that sections of the military and security apparatus may have withheld critical information from the government, and Netanyahu specifically, points to a deep-seated and deep disturbing issue within Israel’s security and governance structures. Such actions, if proven true, represent not just a failure of protocol but a direct challenge to the democratic oversight of the military by the elected government. This is a grave concern that transcends political affiliations and calls into question the integrity of the institutions tasked with national defense. It must be investigated to the end, and violators punished accordingly.

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