July 20, 2024
Joe Rogan slammed Justin Trudeau over his reaction to the “Freedom Convoy” in 2022.

Joe Rogan begs Canada to ditch Trudeau: ‘Gluttons for punishment’

I love Canadians, I just hate their government,’ podcaster tells Canadian comedian Tom Green

A federal election isn’t scheduled to happen until October 2025, but Joe Rogan is already warning Canadians: a vote for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will quicken the country’s continued slide.

Canada’s household debt is now highest in the G7, with struggling Canadians creating more than 200,000 fundraising campaigns to cover everyday expenses.

The cost of food was up last fall despite the Industry Minister’s claim that prices would “stabilize” for Canadians. In Toronto, prospective home buyers with a median annual income of $91,858 will have to save for more than 25 years for a down payment to buy a house.

Trudeau has become such a polarizing leader, that last month his security detail had to step in to usher him away after he was confronted by a group of protesters.

“If he gets elected again, you guys are gluttons for punishment,” Rogan said during a chat with guest Tom Green on a recent episode of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast. “I love Canadians, I just hate their government. Pierre Poilievre … that guy makes so much more sense. He’s so common sense, calling out all the nonsense that’s been done under this administration, which has been so sad to watch.”

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