July 21, 2024

Hezbollah fires rockets, drone at Galilee as Israeli jets pounds southern Lebanon

Rockets fired at Kiryat Shmona knocked down by Iron Dome; IDF says it targeted terror group arms depot site after seeing operatives go inside

Air defenses intercepted rockets shot at towns near the restive northern border and a fighter jet shot down a drone heading into Israel as fighting along Israel’s northern border showed no sign of slowing Saturday.

A number of rockets were fired from Lebanon toward Kiryat Shmona and surrounding areas late Saturday, with the Iron Dome air defense system successfully swatting away much of the barrage, the Israel Defense Forces said.

The attack came about two hours after the IDF carried out airstrikes on Hezbollah targets in south Lebanon, including a weapons depot where a cell of operatives were gathered, the military said.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage in the attack on Kiryat Shmona, which has been repeatedly rocked by projectiles launched from across the nearby border. The city, like most towns along the northern border in the Galilee, has been largely evacuated of civilians.

Throughout the day rockets were also fired from Lebanon at Arab al-Aramshe, Hanita, and the Mount Dov area. There are no reports of damage or injuries.

The exchange came amid daily attacks by the Hezbollah terror group on northern Israel as the country is simultaneously battling the Palestinian terror group Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The IDF has responded to the attacks while also increasingly taking the initiative, striking deeper into Lebanon, as it vows it will not accept Hezbollah’s presence along the border where the conflict has displaced tens of thousands of people from northern communities.

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