July 20, 2024

It’s time to go and Justin Trudeau knows it

If he sticks around, he will lead the Liberal Party of Canada to its worst defeat in its history

He’s leaving.

Justin Trudeau, we mean. He’s going.

He’s going to pack his Louis Vuitton bags and head for the exits – and the lucrative pastures of multimillion-dollar book advances, and speeches to blue ribbon crowds at $100,000 a pop. To a less-public life, one that sees him date whomever he wants to, get over-refreshed at garden parties, and say whatever he wants, including swears.

A life that will permit him to tell Brian Lilley and I to do things to ourselves that are biologically impossible.

Now, do we know for a certain the Justin Trudeau is leaving anytime soon? Of course not. There are no secrets in politics.

When you are a prime minister or a president, if you even offer the most oblique hint that you are heading for the exits, it will leak. And your power will evaporate, because you will have become yesterday’s bagels.

So, why is this former advisor to a Liberal prime minister convinced Justin Trudeau is going to leave sooner than later? Thank you for asking. Three reasons. Clip and save.

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