July 20, 2024

Australia has succumbed to anti-Semitism

Jews have been abandoned by our politically correct elites

Two days after the 7 October massacre in southern Israel, a threatening, Jew-hating mob a thousand strong marched to the Sydney Opera House bearing placards branding Israel a ‘terror state’. The New South Wales Police stood impassively aside. The commanders who three years ago authorised force to break up anti-lockdown demonstrations ordered restraint this time around.

The police officers who formed a cordon on the steps of the Opera House had a ringside view of the ugliness unfolding in front of them. Flares were lit, illuminating the mob in a form of torchlight. Some flares were thrown on to the steps, landing behind the row of police. The Israeli flag was trampled upon and set alight.

The chanting grew increasingly anti-Semitic. Witnesses I have spoken to have no doubt what they heard. ‘Fuck the Jews’ and ‘Gas the Jews’ were screamed out by the crowd. These chants were captured on video many times, and the recordings have since been confirmed as authentic by police.

The police did make some arrests that night. One was of a man carrying an Israeli flag. The police have since tried to claim that he was taken into custody for his own protection.

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