July 20, 2024

Donald Trump’s Chances of Winning Are Better Than Ever

I would be so excited to be proven wrong. I mean, I would be thrilled. I would put on a little hat and do a little NYPD dance team dance, singing, “I was wrong, I was wrong! Hooray, hooray, hooray!” That’s what I would do if Donald Trump wins in November. I supported Ron DeSantis for many reasons, but a major one was that I believed Donald Trump was nearly certain to be defeated in the coming election. Well, Donald Trump appears to be doing a lot better right now. I think he’s still more likely than not going to lose, but if I’m wrong, I am thrilled about it.

Some of my newfound sanguinity regarding Donald Trump’s chances in November is based upon objective facts, like polls. Well, it’s as objective as modern polling can be. But there are other objective factors, like the fact that his opponent, Joe Biden, is a desiccated, corrupt, old pervert who’s leaped over the edge of senility into full-scale incoherence and soiling himself. Everybody knows it, and Robert Hur’s report did him no favors. Sure, the New York Times and the rest of the regime media are trying to spin it as if we have to have a medical degree and a five-year residency in gerontology to assess our alleged president as a drooling, mindless husk. But the people see it, and the people know it. I’m not one of those people who believes that he, Very Real and Serious Doctor Jill, and the minions propping him up are going to just leave the power and prestige of their presidential positions for something as irrelevant to them as the good of the country.

Some of my rationale for thinking that Donald Trump has a better chance than he had a while ago is based on subjective factors. I’m feeling the vibe, and the vibe is more and more Trump-friendly. Look at these bizarre civil lawsuits and criminal frame jobs. Everybody can see what they are. Yeah, you have the worst lawyers in the world – that is, law professors, MSNBC analysts, and people who talk about law on Twitter, who aren’t me and about five other guys and gals – all telling us that these cases are a slam dunk, no-lose, take it to the bank mortal lock for the prosecutors. But they aren’t. It’s manifest nonsense legally, and as we saw in the Supreme Court handling of the one-neat-trick to kick him off the Colorado ballot case. Even some of the liberal judges on SCOTUS are unwilling to completely humiliate themselves to get the trained seals on CNN clapping.

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