July 19, 2024

Trudeau Liberals have become an obstacle to world investment

The world wants to invest in Canada.

We have abundant natural resources and a young and educated workforce. Infrastructure is decent enough to ensure the timely flow of goods. And when there is a dispute between signatories in a contract, the courts are predictable, equitable and honest.

It’s our federal government that’s the problem. The Liberals’ foolish ideas about a carbon-free economy and policies such as a net-zero power grid are scaring away investment – tens of billions every year.

Last year was a fairly good year for foreign investment. We trailed only the United States and Brazil in the OECD. Yet there has never been a year since the Trudeau government took office in which Canada attracted as much investment as it did in 2014, the last full year of the Harper government.

That year, nearly $70 billion in investment entered Canada.

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