July 20, 2024

CBC’s failed lawsuit against Conservatives cost almost $400,000

A failed lawsuit against the Conservative Party filed by the CBC during the 2019 election cost taxpayers almost $400,000, according to newly obtained documents.

Details of the lawsuit were kept behind closed doors for three years, sparking a new conversation about freedom of information procedures in Ottawa.

Conservative leader in the Senate, Don Plett, had to file an access to information request in 2021 to find out how much taxpayers paid in legal fees, after his questions went unanswered by the federal government.

“The Trudeau government has just given up on its promise of openness and accountability,” Plett told the National Post. “In this specific situation, we had to go around roadblocks that were set by the government to get an answer to my questions three years ago.”

“Somebody needs to be held accountable for this because we have the right to have these answers,” added Plett.

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