July 19, 2024

Of Course Russia Is In An Arms Race After NATO Pumped Billions Into Ukraine Proxy War

Washington was whipped up into a frenzy this week with news about the Russians pressed full-blown ahead with a Soviet-style arms race engineering nukes to target satellites in space. The fact that lawmakers would be surprised raises more concern about whether anyone on Capitol Hill has thought through the end goal of bankrolling a years-long proxy war in Ukraine.

On Wednesday, the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Chairman, Mike Turner, released a statement pleading with the White House to deliver details about “a serious national security threat” without any elaboration on what kind. ABC News later reported the threat referenced is related to “Russia wanting to put a nuclear weapon into space.”

“This would not be to drop a nuclear weapon onto Earth but rather to possibly use against satellites,” ABC said. “Still, ‘it is very concerning and very sensitive,’ said one source, calling it ‘a big deal.’”

President Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said from the White House press podium the administration was “surprised” by Turner’s request to expedite a classified briefing on the issue but refused to offer any insight about what, exactly, policymakers are suddenly worried about. Though Sullivan stressed that Biden, who was declared too senile to face federal charges last week, “is going to ensure the security of the American people.”

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