June 14, 2024
Hundreds of Alberta truck drivers exempt from tighter safety rules
The province would not say how many driver’s hold Class 1 licences in the province.

Alberta is granting exemptions to its tightened safety rules to large numbers of big-rig drivers, with that group far outnumbering those who have had to pass the tougher training and testing requirements.

Alberta, under the previous government, allowed new Class 1 drivers operating on farms to skip new training requirements that took effect in March, but they were required to eventually pass tougher tests. The United Conservative government said this week it had changed the rules so that new Class 1 drivers who did not have to take the mandatory training course can now skip the new tests entirely, so long as they have clean driving records.

The Transportation Ministry confirmed last week that 777 people were granted farming exemptions, which now means they may be eligible to drive semis without restrictions, without passing the stiffer driving and knowledge tests put in place after the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, which killed 16 people.

The province has not clarified whether the 777 have obtained licences or are simply eligible to. An additional unknown number of people received Class 1 licences without the new training in the six months prior to the new rules taking effect and are eligible to receive waivers from the tougher tests.


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