July 19, 2024
'It'll take POLICE to get him out of No10!' Boris calls bluff over Queen sacking threat
Boris Johnson is said to be ready to tell Queen Elizabeth: "Sack me if you dare".
Boris Johnson is said to be ready to tell Queen Elizabeth: “Sack me if you dare”.

BORIS Johnson will call Remainers’ bluff and ask the Queen to sack him if she dares, and is even prepared to “squat” in Number 10 rather than quit as Prime Minister, senior aides have warned, as the crisis swirling around Brexit deepens.

One senior figure even claimed police would have to turn up outside Number 10 with a warrant in order to persuade him to leave. Meanwhile European Research Group chairman Steve Baker has told Express.co.uk Mr Johnson was well within his rights to defy MPs who he accused of “breaking constitutional norms”.

Mr Johnson is facing a showdown with MPs with the UK set to quit the bloc at the end of the month, with a new law passed last month – the so-called Benn Act – requiring him to request a further delay to Article 50 if he fails to agree a deal with Brussels by October 19.

Senior Tories told The Times Mr Johnson would refuse to budge even if he is found to be in contempt of court for ignoring the legislation.

They further suggested he would refuse to resign even if MPs passed a vote of no confidence in his Government and tried to replace him with a caretaker PM. Speaker John Bercow’s name has been discussed, sources added.


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