June 17, 2024
Who’s afraid of Maxime Bernier?
Bring it on, Mr. Wolf. Show us what you’ve got.
Bring it on, Mr. Wolf. Show us what you’ve got.

Is Maxime Bernier the Big Bad Wolf of Canadian politics?

You’d think so, to hear Jagmeet Singh, Elizabeth May and others who don’t want Bernier on stage for the Oct. 7 and 10 national party leaders’ debates.

But not us. We can’t wait to see Bernier on stage. Bring it on.

And we say this as a staunch pro-Conservative group registered as a third party advertiser with Elections Canada doing everything we can to help Andrew Scheer become the next prime minister.

Last week, the government-appointed Leaders’ Debates Commission — a terrible idea in the first place — walked back its original decision to keep Bernier out of the debates and announced they were letting him in.

Set aside the fact that it’s almost too rich to think that a strong opponent of supply management would be shut out of these debates by a government-appointed board that controls access to the “vote market.”

Having Maxime Bernier in these televised debates is good for the election campaign, good for all Canadians, and good for the Conservative Party.


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