July 13, 2024
All the world's a privileged stage for Trudeau
This prime minister role is one big giggle for Trudeau.
This prime minister role is one big giggle for Trudeau.

There I was, happily relaxing in a cozy Lisbon bar last week, when a strangely familiar face appeared on the TV screen.

At least it looked familiar but, not being very fluent in Portuguese, I couldn’t readily translate what the newsreader was saying. But then up popped a caption. It just needed that one word to confirm those initial suspicions about this black-faced fellow’s true identity: Trudeau.

Yep, our prime minister, who recently readily agreed us Canadians have been involved in systematic genocide, was at it again: doing his ridiculous best to make this great country into a global laughing stock. Certainly, the locals in the bar that afternoon were giggling.

And oddly the image of him grinning like an airheaded, privileged twit — hey, that’s his own excuse — as he looked straight into the camera wearing blackface makeup and a daft costume didn’t come as a surprise.

Really, why would it? He’s been playing some role or another ever since he was elected. At least he didn’t black his face up when he was on that infamous Mr. Dressup trip to India a while back. But the mindset was the same: the world is just a stage, that no matter what antics he gets up to, no matter whom he might insult, there will be no real, permanent repercussions.


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Don Deacon
Don Deacon
September 27, 2019 12:02 pm

The appalling part is that it is more than likely he will be re-elected.