June 17, 2024
Is Justin Trudeau a racist? No. He is a sanctimonious fraud
It was classic Trudeau: the melody may be one of contrition, but the words are all deflection.
It was classic Trudeau: the melody may be one of contrition, but the words are all deflection.

By now it should be clear there is something wrong with Justin Trudeau.

We are not unfamiliar with the public figure who, at some point in his past, did something remarkably stupid or offensive like black up his face for a party. We have no experience with a leader, a prime minister no less, who cannot remember how many times he did so — two, three, 12? — for whom, indeed, blackface appears to have been something of a hobby.

But when the leader in question is the first son of the country’s most revered Liberal icon, when his own career has been built on his impassioned advocacy of diversity, inclusion and equality — and on the weaponization of these themes against opponents deemed deficient in their commitment to them — we are in altogether undiscovered country.

Perhaps the most damning thing that can be said is that, when the prime minister claims he was unaware, as a 29-year-old teacher in 2001, that dressing up as a member of a racial minority was offensive — that, in fact, it did not dawn on him until after he was elected as an MP, in 2008 — most of us believe him. It is difficult to believe he could be that racist, but it is all too easy to believe he could be that clueless.


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September 23, 2019 8:41 am

From Small Dead Animals.

And now this today, in the Sunday Telegraph;

On the evening of Feb 24, 2001 Justin Trudeau breezed into the palatial Fairmont hotel overlooking Vancouver harbour for a charity gala.

It was supposed to be a formal event with an “Arabian Nights” theme including belly dancers and Middle Eastern music.

Some 500 guests showed up, the men in tuxedos. Except Mr Trudeau. He had painted his face, hands and feet black, donned billowing robes, and placed a giant turban on his head. Not one other person was in blackface.

If Mr Trudeau felt any embarrassment at his jaw-dropping and racially offensive faux pas, then he didn’t show it.


The Telegraph can reveal that the woman photographed being hugged by the blackfaced future prime minster was Mariam Matossian, a fellow teacher.