June 14, 2024
Voters should care about politicians' character
To a large degree the character issue employed today by the parties is nothing more than a crude political game, but it has political value.
To a large degree the character issue employed today by the parties is nothing more than a crude political game, but it has political value.

“Nobody gives a rat’s ass.”

That is what my radio colleague John Moore told me on Newstalk1010 when I raised the latest chapter in the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

It begs the question as to whether we care about right and wrong and character in elected officials or whether such things only matter when they can be used as a cudgel against our political opponents, while giving a wink to the bad behaviour of those we prefer.

The conversation was generated by Warren Kinsella’s Sun column in which he wrote that the RCMP is trying to investigate Lavscam but “Justin Trudeau is doing his utmost to stymie their investigation. He has adamantly refused to waive the cabinet confidentiality that would let Wilson-Raybould speak to the police.”

I made the point that a twice-guilty perpetrator of ethical violations is running to continue to be prime minster and I think that matters. Let’s get the truth out there.

Moore insisted that the SNC-Lavalin issue was entirely in the past for the general public — discussed to death and only whipped like the proverbial dead horse by rabid conservatives desperate to discredit Trudeau in any way possible. The public is now so sick of it, he insisted, that it is of no more value than that decidedly unmarketable commodity, the hind end of a rat.


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September 19, 2019 10:40 am

Voters indeed should care about a politicians character. Well, about half of them do the others don’t. There in lies the gravest threat to our nation. Three strikes and you’re out is fine for baseball but means SFA when it comes to the progressive left. This issue should sink Trudeau as thoroughly as did the iceberg to Titanic. My prediction, unlike the Titanic Trudeau will be temporarily damaged by this but undo another shirt button, ruffle that hair, countless selfies with eyes rolling into the back of their heads females and his ship will repair itself and will sail on as if it never happened. He is going nowhere no matter what.