July 19, 2024
Maxime Bernier kicks off campaign in Ford Nation
Renata thinks the Ford Nation magic will surprise.
Renata thinks the Ford Nation magic will surprise.

There was no jet airliner with his painted name behind him or a stacked bevy of supporters creating a rock concert feel.

Instead, as this race begins, Maxime Bernier was test driving his message Wednesday with a Ford.

“Etobicoke North is a perfect place to do it,” the People’s Party of Canada leader said as he stood next to “star candidate” Renata Ford.

On the day the writ dropped for the Oct. 21 election, Bernier arrived at Ford’s campaign office at 222 Dixon Rd. in a small economy car.

“It is an honour to be here,” he said.

“I knew (late mayor) Rob Ford, and it is great to be standing with Renata who has the same values of working for the people.”

And in these political waters, the Ford name means a lot.

“I once had Rob as mayor, now have Premier Doug Ford as my MP and Michael Ford as my city councillor,” said resident Penny Morrison.

“Now I want Renata Ford as my MP.”


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