June 12, 2024
Brexit Betrayal: Boris Johnson ready for Eurosceptic ‘spears in his back’ after EU U-turn
Boris Johnson was defeated in another vote for a general election.
Boris Johnson was defeated in another vote for a general election.

BORIS JOHNSON told Conservative rebels he is preparing for “spears in my back” from party Eurosceptics in a sign he may now try to compromise on a Brexit deal.

After a series of defeats for the Prime Minister, he has now hinted he is ready to soften his key demands that Brussels scraps the Irish backstop. Doing so would ignite confrontation with hardline Brexiteers of the European Research Group (ERG), who call themselves the Spartans. The backstabbing remark came during talks with some of the 21 Conservative MPs who were kicked out of the party for voting for a Brexit delay and defying the Government.

Mr Johnson pleaded with the Remainer rebels and insisted he would need their support soon.

He told them: “The spears in my back won’t be from you, they’ll come from the Spartans.”

The ERG provided Mr Johnson with the necessary support to help win the Conservative leadership race.

It came only after he pledged to tear up the Irish backstop.


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