June 14, 2024
Trudeau talks middle class, but has never experienced it
If this race truly becomes who is really “in it for you?” Then Justin Trudeau is going to lose it.
If this race truly becomes who is really “in it for you?” Then Justin Trudeau is going to lose it.

In it for you.

It’s the New Democrats – now a sad shadow of their former selves – who, ironically, came up with the best slogan for the 2019 federal election campaign: in it for you.

That’s what just about every election campaign is about, this one included.  Which party best understands the lives of everyday Canadians.  Which leader actually has the best understanding of the struggles your family faces every single day.

Justin Trudeau is at a big disadvantage, here.  That’s because Justin wasn’t simply born with silver spoon in his mouth.

It was more like a silver shovel.

Trudeau is the guy who likes to talk about the middle class, a lot.  But he has never, ever actually experienced the middle class.  Trudeau has never had to worry about paying the rent, or coming up with the next mortgage statement.


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September 12, 2019 12:12 pm

Our borders are still non existent. The RCMP are still glorified bell boys. Ralph Goodale is still 10 lbs of bullshit stuffed into a 5 lb bag. The CPC so-called Immigration Critic has for all intensive purposes disappeared. Few if any of the exposed fraudster foreigners have been deported. But don’t take my word on that take the word of all sources the CBC. Fewer than 1% of more than 28,000 irregular asylum seekers have been removed from Canada so far All still enjoy full social benefits such as clothing, food, medical and importantly housing. Meanwhile each and every day in Canada 3,500 of our veterans are homeless while not a single, not even ONE foreigner after being escorted into our country by the National Bell Boy Service is. There are an estimated 180 veterans living on the street in Calgary alone. Don’t take my word on these figures by the way, take the word of the Homes For Heroes Foundation. A charity group designed to help struggling veterans, police officers or first responders. The MSM has lost all interest in our invisible undefended national border. A border is a symbol of a nation’s sovereignty. No border – no country. Quebec is not afraid to invoke the Notwithstanding Clause of our Constitution to supposedly protect it’s unique culture. Then why are our PM and assorted equally pathetic wannabees afraid to use it to protect our nation? By utilizing the Non-withstanding Clause we can enact powerful no nonsense legislation that will cause the majority of the fraudulent foreigners to stop themselves. Are we a sovereign country or aren’t we? Cowardice, votes, seeking power trumps patriotism every time. Here, one example of a nation’s leader putting his country above all of that. If only Andrew pretend conservative liberal light Scheer had the guts to stand up for Canada like this…invoking the Non-withstanding clause could make it happen.

‘Donald Trump Wins ‘Complete Shutdown of the Asylum System’


September 12, 2019 3:15 pm
Reply to  BTDT

How many Canadians are aware of the fact that as it pertains to refugees our country has…


Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
Prosecution of Offences

Section 133

A person who has claimed refugee protection, and who came to Canada directly or indirectly from the country in respect of which the claim is made, may not be charged with an offence under section 122, paragraph 124(1)(a) or section 127 of this Act or under section 57, paragraph 340(c) or section 354, 366, 368, 374 or 403 of the Criminal Code, in relation to the coming into Canada of the person, pending disposition of their claim for refugee protection or if refugee protection is conferred. (My bold)

In other words under this Act refugees are afforded immunity for producing false, fraudulent or forged identification documents when they enter the country. The same goes for lying to an immigration officer or even for refusing to answer questions. Ditto for the criminal code offences listed. Immunity for possessing stolen property, possessing forged or false documents, using forged or false documents or personating another person (i.e. claiming to be somebody you are not).

Picture this. Foreigner shows up at the border, anywhere. Tells the ‘nosey’ Immigration Officer to go f**k himself? No problem. Here’s your social service entitlement card. A little bit of an extreme description of what might/could occur but the end result is mandated by law to be always the same regardless. Welcome to Canada.

Canadians (if they were aware) have a lot to be very concerned. The portion of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that specifically pertains to refugees. Cleverly designed to promote the globalist agenda. Unaware Canadians sleep meanwhile the politicians are the fox, our nation is their henhouse.