June 17, 2024
Liberal bias: Popular U.S. history textbook inflates Democrats to 'superhuman levels'
'American Pageant' is an 'unreliable narrator of U.S. history,' says report by ex-Reagan Education Department official.
‘American Pageant’ is an ‘unreliable narrator of U.S. history,’ says report by ex-Reagan Education Department official.

The country’s most popular American history textbook tarnishes 20th century conservative icons, inflates Democratic presidents to “superhuman levels” and has an anti-Trump bias, according to a report from a former Education Department official.

“American Pageant,” now in its 17th edition, is awash in liberal excesses, according to the report released Tuesday by The Education and Research Institute, a nonprofit chaired by Daniel Oliver, who served as an attorney in the Department of Education under President Ronald Reagan.

The institute notes that “American Pageant” is the bestselling American history textbook, has been read by millions of students over the past 60 years and is considered a favorite for advanced placement classes. However, the research group says the textbook suffers from liberal bias, pointing out that it:

⦁ Mentions Democratic presidents more frequently than Republican presidents.

⦁ Reduces President Nixon’s tenure to the Watergate scandal and downplays his “significant legislative achievements,” such as establishing the Environmental Protection Agency and opening U.S. relations with China.