July 20, 2024
The Deep State Will Face Justice Soon! Right?
Oh, I know: cut the drama, it's happening, really. The bad guys are going down, justice is coming, the guilty will pay, and the check's in the mail.
Oh, I know: cut the drama, it’s happening, really. The bad guys are going down, justice is coming, the guilty will pay, and the check’s in the mail.

“The check’s in the mail” is a promise that payment’s been sent even if it hasn’t.  It’s a stalling tactic to avoid pressure from creditors, from those expecting payment.

That’s the scam our government is running on the American people today, a ruse to tamp down expectations of justice.  We all know that the FBI used an unverifiable document, the Steele dossier, to get a warrant to spy on Trump using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).  This dossier was used to start a counterintelligence operation to plant spies in Trump’s campaign, to get a special counsel to impeach the president.

We’re repeatedly told by reliable sources that these crimes won’t go unpunished — “justice is coming,” “buckle up!,” “tick tock,” “BOOM!”  The DOJ is about to drop the hammer on the bad guys.  Yet after two years of this drama, not a single indictment or prosecution

Now we’re awaiting the much anticipated I.G. report on (FISA) abuse that’s going to blow Spygate wide open.  Or not.

So far, the I.G. is batting zero on justice.  The I.G. report on Hillary Clinton’s email investigation showed pervasive bias for Hillary, talk of an insurance policy should she lose, that Hillary should win “100 million to 0.”  Yet in the end, Horowitz pulled a Comey, said the investigators’ hatred for Donald Trump, their loyalty to Hillary Clinton, didn’t impact their findings in any way.  Huh? 

But the attempted coup has been exposed, and one by one, the Deep State cronies are going down: James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Jim Baker, Andrew McCabe, to name a few who have retired, been fired, or been demoted.

So our message to any future insurgents who stage a coup but fail in their efforts to illegally remove a sitting president and overthrow the United States government is, “Be forewarned: treason could cost you your job.”  Oh, the humanity!