June 17, 2024
Toronto Mayor John Tory And Doug Ford Feud Over Provincial Cuts
The premier shot back by telling Tory he shouldn't get involved in issues he isn't "involved in or understands."
The premier shot back by telling Tory he shouldn’t get involved in issues he isn’t “involved in or understands.”

TORONTO — Tensions between Ontario’s premier and Toronto’s mayor escalated Monday as the two sparred over the province’s recent cuts to public health services and child care funding.

Mayor John Tory questioned why the government was trying to reduce spending in those areas while also contemplating breaking a contract with big brewers — and taking on stiff financial penalties — to expand where beer and wine could be sold in the province.

In a speech challenging the government’s priorities, Tory described the cuts as damaging and said they will affect services like children’s breakfast programs, vaccination programs, and water quality testing.

Premier Doug Ford responded with a statement telling Tory — a former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader — that he should not wade into provincial issues he is “neither involved in or understands.”

Ontario recently notified municipal public health units that it will reduce its cost-sharing levels from 100 percent or 75 percent in some cases, to 60 to 70 percent for some municipalities, and 50-50 for Toronto.

The city also said last week that provincial child care cuts could mean a loss of more than 6,000 childcare spots in Toronto.


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