June 17, 2024
Accused gun-toters freed on bail despite prior records and weapon bans
The allegations are shocking.
The allegations are shocking.

Shakiem Anderson, Maya Ahmed and Javell Jackson all have criminal records for gun offences.

And the trio also have something else in common — they were all released on bail in Toronto courthouses.

Crown attorneys stiffly opposed their releases and later had them jailed, overturning the bails.

They were among the hundreds of accused people facing gun charges either roaming city streets or under house arrest.

In the wake of Chief Mark Saunders citing 326 such cases on Friday, the Sun found several troubling cases of convicts who were snared by police and then let go by judges.

Anderson, now 21, was freed in 2017 from a two-year less a day prison sentence for possessing a loaded prohibited or restricted gun. He was living under parole conditions and was under a weapons ban while serving three years probation.