June 17, 2024
From Meghan to Greta, our 'woke' liberal elite is trapped in an archaic universe
Society's self-appointed saviours have nothing to offer the modern world
Society’s self-appointed saviors have nothing to offer the modern world

Among the most sanctimonious myths of our time is the one that, in a BBC gospel drawl, describes Leave voters as “left behind”. The lost souls of this country are, in fact, our bewildered liberal elite. Take the Duchess of Sussex’s decision to edit next month’s Vogue magazine. The act in itself is, of course, an error: this metropolitan bible of gaunt aspiration, pored over with miserable reverence in hair salons across the nation, is one of Britain’s most retrograde luxury brands. But worse still is the edition’s cover, which celebrates 15 women who are “trailblazing change-makers, united by their fearlessness in breaking barriers”.

As suggested by the air-whipping rush of an empty blurb, the selection of females is depthlessly “woke”. It is an uncomfortable non-coincidence that most of the choices happen to be both ethnic minority models or actors, and mediocre “change-makers”. One can only deduce that this problem has arisen because the selections were made on the premise that achievement is uncompelling unless it can be adjectived by exotic origins (Somali female boxer; black ballerina) and comes with a marketable Instagram following.


But the oddest thing about the cover is how it transports us, in a soft Californian hand clasp, to a strangely archaic parallel universe. In this ghoulish place – trapped somewhere between the Kings Road during the Summer of Love of ’67 and the American Deep South – everyone is defined by their race, and fame-ravaged celebrities yearning for a spiritual calling are boundary-pushing “campaigners”.


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