July 20, 2024
Trudeau and Scheer are both betting on bad memories
Trudeau’s people hope Canadians will have forgotten about Jody Wilson-Raybould by election day, while Tories want to erase memories of Doug Ford
Trudeau’s people hope Canadians will have forgotten about Jody Wilson-Raybould by election day, while Tories want to erase memories of Doug Ford

Somewhere in a special nook at his official residence — not the crumbling, toxic mess at 24 Sussex, but the “cottage” across the street — Justin Trudeau should have a little table set aside with flickering candles, burning incense, and a photo of Doug Ford.

Passing the little shrine each morning, girding for another day of forced sunniness, he might touch his forehead and mutter a little prayer of thanks to the gods of politics for sending the Ontario premier his way. For it is thanks to Ford’s victory a year ago — just in the nick of time — that the prime minister has a fighting chance to hang onto his job.

It’s still a bit early to start taking polls too seriously. Soundings taken in the dead of summer well before the official race has begun, among a largely disinterested population, aren’t the stuff to bet the mortgage on. But there’s no question that there’s been a definite trend in surveys for months now: one of deep discontent with the man in the premier’s office.

The latest seat projection suggests that if nothing changes between now and election day — which never happens — the Liberals could find themselves hanging by their fingernails to a very, very reduced hold on power. Maybe a minority government of one or two seats, making them beholden to the New Democrats, or very possibly Elizabeth May’s Greens, for a chance to stay in power.


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July 31, 2019 10:37 am

Forget? Forget everything that has transpired these past years under Trudeau and vote even for more, please.? How is that even possible? Well, those of us who have served, really served, our great nation. I think I can freely speak for those of us of who I am so damn proud to have been a part of. Those very few f us who in comparison to overall population did something extraordinary. Those of us, both men and women who despite our youth signed our names on a blank cheque payable to our country, with our lives. Our unbelievably patriotic, professional, dedicated military, An organization critical to preserving our nation in more ways than one. But who despite the political party in power have been historically chronically underfunded and under appreciated and yes, betrayed by our political leaders. Across the whole damn spectrum. We don’t forget. We will hold our noses and vote not for the best candidate to lead our nation. We will vote for the least worst. I believe that the Conservative Party of Canada by its decision to elect Andrew Scheer to lead will be the ‘least worst’ recipient of our vote. Our nation weeps.