July 20, 2024
What is obstruction of justice?
We emphasize, at this point in the lesson, that no one in Ottawa has been charged, yet.
We emphasize, at this point in the lesson, that no one in Ottawa has been charged, yet.

Law class, we are in session.

Today’s lesson: what’s obstruction of justice?

It’s a topic that has been discussed a lot, lately, on both sides of the border. Special Counsel Robert Mueller talked about it when appearing before Congress this week.

And, up here in the Canada, the SNC-Lavalin scandal is back in the news — because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has welcomed back one of the big names associated with it. And that scandal was really all about whether Trudeau and his senior advisors may have crossed a legal line when they intervened in the corruption trial of SNC-Lavalin.

So what is obstruction of justice, class? Anyone?

The Criminal Code of Canada says it happens when anyone “wilfully attempts in any manner … to obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice.”

Let’s take a look at that, class. What does “wilful” mean? Our highest court, the Supremes, say it means the criminal act can’t be accidental. Wilful means you know what you’re doing with “substantial certainty.”

So, in the LavScam scandal, we know that eleven senior Liberals — including Trudeau — tried to interfere with SNC-Lavalin’s criminal trial at least 22 times over a four-month period. They didn’t stumble into it: they tried 22 times. Sound wilful? Anyone?


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July 29, 2019 4:32 pm

Liberal light Andrew Scheer is blocking liberal light Andrew Scheer’s path. Grow a set for cripes sakes! Be different! Did you learn nothing by observing Donald Trump? PC is not a part of his vocabulary. Trump meant what he said and said what he meant when he simply told the people what they he would do for them. He described a future that they that both he and they envisioned for their country. For their children and grand children. He did not suck up to special interest groups. He did not suck up to corporate sponsors. He did not care what the corrupt beyond redemption UN thought of him, and told them so. He spoke clear concise truth to patriotic Americans. Lest I repeat myself, grow a set Andrew Scheer. I am really fed up with this bunch of clowns. Our opposition parties are so f ‘ing scared of being called racists they self neutered. To damned cowardly to stand up for Canada first, as Trump did for America. if Canadians re-elect this buffoon then we have forgotten what our forefathers fought, and sacrificed so much for. We will have forgotten what those rows and rows of white crosses in cemeteries across Europe signify. If anybody gets the hint that I am fed up to here with the CPC, astute you be. Trudeau’s polls numbers will probably continue to climb despite this…and so much more. My Dad (for one) did not exchange his brand new bride and brand new 7 month old son for 5 years on the frontlines during WWII, wounded twice, for this POS and others like him.

“We Will Balance That Budget In 2019”: Treacherous Trudeau Blatantly Lied To Canadians In The 2015 Election. He Hopes You Forget So He Can Lie To You Again.