June 14, 2024
Andrew Scheer's dimples disappear amid trolls' trite criticism
In Canada, the politicians who tend to succeed are unlike Trudeau.
In Canada, the politicians who tend to succeed are unlike Trudeau.


That’s what you actually get some Trudeau trolls nattering about online: Andrew Scheer’s dimples.


For some reason beyond the understanding of sane people, the Trudeaupian types think the Conservative Leader’s dimples disqualify him as a candidate for prime minister. They go on about it all the time.

The same criticism used to be made about Bill Clinton. The Democratic president’s many Republican antagonists would say Clinton’s ever-present grin was unsettling. They would say Clinton seems to be smiling when, you know, he shouldn’t be.

In recent months, the upward tilt of Andrew Scheer’s lips haven’t been as evident. We don’t know if he’s received advice to look less happy, or if he is simply distressed by the state of Confederation. Either way, Andrew Scheer is not smirking nearly as much as he used to.

This tendency of some people to attack politicians for something over which they have no control — to wit, their physical appearance — is nothing new.

Haters on the left attacked Doug Ford for his weight, just as they did with his deceased brother, Toronto Mayor Rob. Kathleen Wynne was mocked for resembling the Church Lady on Saturday Night Live.

And, as Wynne would certainly know, female politicians are regularly attacked — viciously, ceaselessly, unfairly — for their appearance: their hairstyle, their style of dress, their relative attractiveness. All the time.


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