July 19, 2024
Widdecombe warns Remainers EVERYBODY was complaining about 'undemocratic' EU
Ann Widdecombe delivered a passionate speech in the European Parliament chamber on Thursday
Ann Widdecombe delivered a passionate speech in the European Parliament chamber on Thursday

ANN WIDDECOMBE delivered a brutal assessment of the shameful “undemocratic” European Union and said MEPs from across the bloc were complaining at the way top jobs were handed out in Brussels last week.

Ann Widdecombe took a swipe at the European Union during an interview just days after her passionate tirade in the European Parliament last week. Delivering her maiden speech in the European Parliament on Thursday, the Brexit Party MEP stunned colleagues as she brutally told the bloc Britain was “leaving”. Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Monday morning, Ms Widdecombe criticised the way top jobs were given out across Brussels last week.

She said: “Thank you very much for finally turning to me. If it is so democratic can you please explain to me why right across the European Parliament, right across the political spectrum and from multiple countries, speaker after speaker complained about the undemocratic nature of those appointments.

“Would you please tell me if it is so democratic, why was everybody complaining?”

GMB host Richard Bacon snapped back pointing out that “not everyone was complaining”.

He said: “It is democratic because they were chosen by the leaders of Europe’s countries. They are democratic countries who appointed them democratically.


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